How To Develop a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2021

2021 . it promises a return to the semblance of normalcy, and that is one of the reasons for the excitement of the new year. As 2020 ends, many entrepreneurs are left to count their losses and build strategies for 2021.

2020 . The year has not been easy for anyone, but studying the way the past year has given some valuable insight into building your social media marketing strategy for the new year. One factor was above all clear; we all hung out more on social media because of COVID-19.

Trends in 2020 are not just insightful; years have also covered some really interesting evolutions in social networks that should be of interest to any entrepreneur, especially when it comes to social media marketing.

Here are some ideas and suggestions that can help you position yourself for success in 2021.

Social Media Marketing Based on Connections and Deeper Connections

Maintaining engagement and growing followers in 2021 will be much harder if we stick to the same routine strategies we used in the past. The year 2020 was revolutionary and only your agility as a brand will push you forward.

Studies conducted in 2020 show that about 70% of respondents do not consider ads to be true. This is worrying, but also understandable, based on increased skepticism among social media users. With the rise in fake news and an explosion of unethical marketing practices, this trend is not surprising.

It seems that the only followers you can keep are those with whom you have developed a relationship, and the only ones you can gain are those with whom you develop a real relationship. Trust has never been such an important marketing factor as in today’s social media space.

2021 . Entrepreneurs should spend more time building relationships with their employees, customers, and niche-relevant influences.

This is also the time for entrepreneurs to start increasingly processing user-generated content.

Various studies also show that 75% of customers trust other consumers more than advertisements. This makes absolute sense and that is why word of mouth advertising and referrals are still one of the most effective marketing tools.

Incorporate Platform Diversity Into Your Strategy

In March 2020, TikTok peaked, hitting about 76 million downloads. This was astonishing and well above the predictions for 2019. Their success is due to their unique approach to social engagement.

Social network users want to increase the speed of consuming different types of content. The shorter the video content, the better, and that fact seems to affect TikTok’s strategy. Facebook followed the examples by presenting Facebook stories and Instagram reels. Even YouTube has integrated its fast video feature.

The huge popularity of this type of content suggests that it is something that entrepreneurs must use in an attempt to market their services and products. It also suggests that the integration of newer fast-growing platforms could bring significant progress to your business.

For many entrepreneurs in 2021, this is extremely important if they hope to avoid the stagnation they have experienced with the usual marketing on Facebook and YouTube.

While you need to customize your marketing across all platforms, it may be time to create new content on new platforms as well. The reason is that millions of mostly 16-24-year-olds who love TikTok are not necessarily active on Facebook or Instagram.

Take Advantage of the Popularity of Live Content Streaming

Another consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying blockades is the increase in the consumption of live videos on social networks. Live videos were used to fill the gap created by physical absence at meetings, family functions, and other events.

Although live videos have been used in this way, they have also opened an interesting door for marketing professionals in 2020 and gone ahead in 2021. Live videos are taking the lead as the most-watched video content on social media.

Buffer has shared an interesting list of possible events that could be shared via a live video that is sure to delight and engage your audience: working hours, question and answer sessions, behind-the-scenes moments, production processes, interviews, and experimental content.

This kind of content and approach will bring your audience closer and give you more credibility and a deeper connection with potential customers. With current rates of live video consumption, many are likely to accept that invitation, which is becoming a powerful way to nurture relationships and build loyalty.

Create Social Content and Get Involved in Social Activities

The trend of social impact was already underway in 2019 before the pandemic began. The trend soon exploded as the need for social content rose to a level like never before.

Entrepreneurs who do not comment on important social issues today are perceived as irrelevant or irresponsible by followers.

According to Merkle’s Q4 2020 Media Insights report, 56% of consumers said they don’t respect or are loyal to companies that are silent on important issues. This is today’s reality. As the world and the United States undergo many political changes, and otherwise, because of the events of 2020, your business strategy will need to include taking a stand.

Your position on the issues will gradually become part of your brand identity and help consolidate your base, so you should be careful in choosing what you say.

Your considerations should consist of socially relevant and business issues. In many cases, you can do the bare minimum and provide useful information on social issues that appeals to a wider audience rather than taking sides in party matters.

Whichever path you take, it is clear that in 2021 and beyond, marketing efforts will be greatly influenced by brand identity and brand identity by your contribution to societal issues.

2021 . it will be an interesting year for many entrepreneurs, a year of healing and resetting, but for brands that choose not to be mobile and flexible enough, it could be another challenging year.

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