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System integrator and developer
With my broad set of skills, I can help you save money.

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Goran Štimac

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Use the power of the web!


| Hugo | GatsbyJS | Wix | Squarespace | WordPress | Joomla | Drupal | Odoo

We all need a quality website whether we want to educate, help or present ourselves, products, and services. The Internet has become the center of all events and that is why the need to be part of it is greater than ever before.


| Wix | Squarespace | Shopify | WooCommerce | Odoo | PrestaShop | Shopware | Magento

The ability to advertise your products and services outside of business hours is a great sales strategy that is not negligible and it would certainly be good to implement it in your business. Why not do business 24/7 worldwide?

Business management

| Google Workspace | ERP Next | Odoo | Zoho | osTicket | Hubspot | Zapier | Next Cloud

The flexibility of doing business in the cloud has become a need and a reality to which modern businesses must adapt. Let me help you digitize your business so you can do it from anywhere easily and effectively.

Cloud infrastructure

| Digital Ocean | Google Cloud | Amazon Web Services | Cloudflare | Hostinger | Algolia | Elastic Search | Sendgrid

The foundation of any web solution is the infrastructure that drives it. Chose modern infrastructure that can be easily scaled to your specific needs as you grow. Infrastructure costs are typically about 10% of the budget but have a 100% impact on every aspect of operation so chose wisely.


| Facebook Pixel | Google Analytics | Google Search Console | Google Tag Manager | HotJar | Matomo | Amplitude | SEMrush

We can only know what we can measure so let's measure the success of your web applications and the success or failure of goals and conversions to better understand and optimize their usage. Let's collect the data to drive strategy and improve the overall user experience.

Digital marketing

| Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Google Ads | Google Business | Twitter | LinkedIn | MailChimp | OneSignal | Zoho | Hootsuite | Hubspot

The focal point of any successful business strategy is an active correct digital strategy that provides a day-to-day lifeline to your business. Building your digital identity online is a hard job that takes time so start today if you want better tomorrow.

Scraping & Data mining

| AWS ML | Beautiful Soup | Scrapy | Selenium

There is much to be learned by collecting and processing publicly available data ethically. Be ahead of the competition, compare, collect and analyze all relevant data, do everything in your power to improve your business and make better decisions.

Technical audits

| Screaming Frog | SEMrush | Kali Linux | Firefox Developer Edition

Every system, platform, and cloud infrastructure must be regularly inspected, updated, and maintained. Without this process, you risk security breaches that will affect your everyday operations. Let’s look at where you are now, fix what is broken, and plan to achieve maximum results.


| YouTube | SoundCloud | DaVinci Resolve | OBS | AWS Cloud9 | Zoom

By educating I maintain acquired knowledge, help clients or just share experience and knowledge with others in the hope they will make better decisions than me. So, let's learn.

What my clients say about me?

We are very satisfied with the whole service, the web store is made exactly to our wishes. During the whole process of making communications and professionalism were at a high level and we are very pleased to have found a person who will easily present our products and do the whole task to our liking.

Professional, communicative, and knowledgeable! Everything was delivered on time and schedule. I am very pleased with the service and we will continue to work together.

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WordPress 5.8 Beta 1

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Bootstrap 5.0.1 is available

Maintained projects that rely on Bootstrap 5 will be updated per schedule. First patch release for Bootstrap 5 has landed with v5.0.1! It fixed a handful of bugs in CSS and JS while also resolving a few issues with docs and examples....

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