Canvas for Zoho CRM

Today, Zoho CRM is launching Canvas, ambitious approach to create the gold standard of CRM experience. Canvas is a no-code, drag-and-drop design studio built into Zoho CRM where you can create contextual, immersive experiences for your entire team.

Every industry is different, and every business is unique. Zoho CRM is often used by several teams within an organization, and each team has different goals, different methods, and different requirements.

Take it to the drawing board with Canvas!

Every team prefers to have fields, buttons, widgets, and other UI elements displayed in a certain way, which can be radically different from what another team wants. This difference of opinion becomes even larger when we compare different companies and industries. Trying to create a user interface that has a universal appeal isn’t the best idea.

With Canvas for Zoho CRM you can view the data that matters most to you! Redesign your CRM experience on this no-code design platform that’s equipped with a simple drag-and-drop editor, customizable layouts and pre-built templates.

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