Duda Doubles Down on Ecommerce With Its Recent Acquisition of Snipcart

As you may have heard, Duda finalized the acquisition of Snipcart, an eCommerce solution that allows online businesses to add a fully functional shopping cart to any website. The work to integrate the two platforms has already begun and is expected to be completed early next year.

What is Duda?

Duda is a leading professional web-building platform for digital agencies and SaaS companies. They allow web professionals to rapidly build websites at scale by utilizing tools for automating site building, easier collaboration with clients, advanced customer service, and capabilities to achieve pixel-perfect designs without a need to code.

Snipcart focus on flexibility and modern e-commerce store design is very much aligned with Duda’s product vision of providing its customers with beautiful and modular e-commerce solutions.

I use Snipcart Do I need to Warry?

No need to worry, Snipcart and its team are here to stay! Snipcart product will be integrated into Duda’s industry-leading platform and it will stay available independently to customers. The very best of both worlds.

What does this news entail for me? Well, nothing negative. You will still get access to Snipcart team of experts for support. If anything, your experience will get better over time with the help of Duda’s many resources.

Is Snipcart pricing policy going to change? Nope. For now, it’s the same price.

Do I have to have a Duda-based website to use Snipcart now? No. Snipcart will keep offering its product independently, so you can enjoy it on whichever platform you choose to use. Although, if you want to switch to Duda, there will be some pretty great integration feats down the road.

When will Snipcart’s integration to Duda be completed? Snipcart team have already started working on the integration, which is expected to be released in early-2022.

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