Help With August 2022 Release of Drupal 10.0.0

Drupal 10 release schedule includes three potential release dates for Drupal 10.0.0, depending on when critical requirements are completed:

  1. June 15, 2022, if key requirements are completed by March 11
  2. August 17, 2022, if key requirements are completed by May 13
  3. December 14, 2022, if key requirements are completed by September 9

New target release date for Drupal 10.0.0 is August 17, 2022

With about two weeks remaining until the March deadline, Drupal team is confident that the critical requirements will not be completed by that date. Therefore, they are officially announcing that new target release date for Drupal 10.0.0 is August 17, 2022, and the beta deadline for critical requirements is May 13, 2022.

Drupal team needs your help to complete requirements by May 13

The community has already done an amazing job preparing for Drupal 10. Many key Drupal 10 release requirements are complete!

That said, there is still a lot more to do! Even with three months remaining until the May deadline for Drupal 10’s beta requirements, Drupal team needs your help to make an August release possible.

There are also numerous pending improvements that are not hard requirements for Drupal 10’s release, but that are still critically important to its long-term support and maintainability.

See the list below for the most urgent needs.

1. Stabilize CKEditor 5 and deprecate CKEditor 4

Issue: #3238333: Roadmap to CKEditor 5 stable in Drupal 9

The most significant change in Drupal 10 is probably the upgraded WYSIWYG editor. Drupal 8 and 9 core both integrated with CKEditor 4, which will be end-of-life at the end of 2023. We must upgrade to CKEditor 5 for Drupal 10 to receive security coverage beyond 2023.

Numerous contributors have been collaborating with CKSource for more than a year to create a new beta-stability experimental module integrating CKEditor 5 with Drupal 9. There is still a significant amount of work remaining to make it stable. After the module is stable, CKEditor 4 will also need to be decoupled from other core modules, deprecated, and moved back to contrib.

Much of the work needed to stabilize the CKEditor 5 module requires knowledge of JavaScript. If you can, help solve the outstanding issues on the roadmap to a stable CKEditor 5. Join the #ckeditor5 channel in the Drupal community Slack to coordinate with other contributors.

Learn more about CKEditor 5.

2. Update Drupal core’s JavaScript dependencies to the latest major versions

Issue: #3238507: Drupal 10 JavaScript dependency plan

The Drupal core Frontend Framework Managers and JavaScript Package committers have defined a plan for all of Drupal core’s JavaScript dependencies for Drupal 10. We could especially use help with this plan, starting with the following:

Add any new issues filed for these tasks to the meta issue for the JavaScript dependency plan. Thanks!

3. Make Olivero the default frontend theme of the Standard profile, and deprecate Bartik

Issue: #3219958: [META] Make Olivero the default theme for Drupal 10

The new Olivero frontend theme for Drupal core has had great community momentum, and is already available as a stable theme in Drupal 9.3. The next step is to make it the default theme of the Standard profile. This will make Drupal look like the modern platform it is and will improve the evaluator experience. It will also allow us to deprecate Bartik and move it into contrib, which will improve core’s maintainability.

4. Make Claro the default administration theme of the Standard profile, and deprecate Seven

Issue: #3066007: Roadmap to stabilize Claro

Claro is a beautiful, accessible, modern administration theme that greatly improves Drupal’s administrative user experience. It’s been available as a beta experimental theme in core for several years now, and it is already used on many sites. Only a few critical bugs remain to make it stable.

Once Claro is marked stable, additional work is needed to make it the default administration theme of the Standard profile, which will give Drupal 10 a fresh new look. Finally, once Claro is in the Standard profile, Seven can be deprecated and removed from core for better core maintainability.

Drupal team could use your help on all these issues!

5. Test and stabilize the experimental Theme Starterkit so that legacy base themes can be removed from core

Issue: #3050378: Replace Classy with a starterkit theme

The new experimental Theme Starterkit is a tool for generating new themes. It will allow Drupal team to provide an experience that more closely matches theme developer workflows, because they will be able to introduce incremental improvements to the theme. Once Starterkit is stable, Drupal team can remove both Classy and the Drupal 8 version of the Stable base theme from core.

Additionally, if Drupal team fixes #3050386: Allow loading CSS and JavaScript directly from templates, core can do away with the stable base themes entirely. This will allow Drupal to simplify core process for markup bug fixes and deliver more markup improvements in minor releases, improving the core theming experience for core maintainers, contributors, and site owners alike.

Learn more about Starterkit.

I’m no good with JavaScript or CSS. Can I still help with the Drupal 10 release?

Yes, absolutely! The categories above need help the most urgently, but there are many other critical issues of all sorts that need to be completed before the May deadline. Join the #d10readiness channel in the Drupal community Slack for help finding Drupal 10 issues that fit your skillset.

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