6 Mistakes You Can Make When Converting Followers Into Customers

The average person spends 2 and a half hours every day on social media. So it’s no surprise that one of the main places we’re trying to build our business is right on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. How to turn a large number of followers into buyers?

Imagine what kind of income you could bring if you properly use the power and pockets of your followers on social media.

If you can’t figure out why your followers aren’t buying on social media, see if you’re making these common mistakes that could make it impossible for you to get customers and make money.

Don’t Be an Influencer, Be an Entrepreneur

The way you appear online and the way you access your social networks and messaging are important. As an influencer, your first and only goal is audience growth, money is a byproduct of your audience. An entrepreneur has the opposite goal. Money comes first, and audience growth happens as a result of what you do to make money. When the overall intent is different, the way you access your content will also be different. Don’t dilute your message by buying followers. Be an entrepreneur and not an influencer. Sell ​​and promote your products, not other people’s products.

The Number of Followers You Have Is Not a Metric That Matters

The number of followers is what we like to call the measure of vanity, because at the end of the day the number of followers you have is not important, the quality of the followers is important. When you’re not dealing with high-quality people, you can’t turn them from followers into high-quality business. Social media algorithms work in a way that gives your content to a small number of people and then what happens? These people either have something to do with you or they don’t. If the audience does not act on the published content, any social platform you use will assume that your audience does not like this content and it will be stifled. If your audience is incredibly engaged, even if it’s small, the algorithm will record it, assume your audience likes it, and start showing more and more users who might be interested in this type of content even if they’re not your audience and followers.

Social Media Should Be More Like a Diary and Less Like a Billboard

When you don’t provide value, you won’t get quality followers who will then not be able to leave money in your pocket. When you publish, always remember to publish from three main segments: personal, authority, social evidence (studies, testimonials, and PR). These segments help build identity and answer questions about what you know, what you like, and build trust, thus creating relationships and generating business.

“How To Get More Likes?” Not a Question You Should Ask

It’s no secret that we judge the success of our posts by how many likes and comments we have. But while likes and comments are extremely important, they are not as powerful as sharing. If your content isn’t shared, your audience doesn’t grow. How to encourage sharing of published content? Of course, you create better content that can be shared. However, the fastest way to grow an audience is actually through PR. If you attract the attention of high-quality media, you can take advantage of all this other different, unused audience and bring it back to your brand. Entering in front of a real audience is always more important than going out in front of a bigger one. So don’t buy a bot to get followers, hire a publicist!

Hashtags Should Not Be the Most Important Part of Your Post

When writing content, it’s not acceptable to just post a photo and a bunch of hashtags. When you take a picture and throw it on your page, especially if the picture is some kind of infographic, you assume that your audience will interpret it correctly. Writing content requires time and effort. Take the time to interpret what you publish to your audience to build trust and authority. Record a video of what’s happening in the industry, go through the audience with updates and changes, and explain exactly what that will mean for them.

We Don’t Go to Social Networks To Love Photos, but To Love People

If you take a photo of your house and publish it, you won’t get nearly as much attention as if you take a photo of yourself standing in front of your house and posting it. This small change will greatly enhance audience engagement. It is important to remember how human beings buy and choose. Decisions are made emotionally before they are made logically. By putting a friendly face on an otherwise blank picture, your audience will feel connected to you on a personal level. In the end, turning followers into customers comes down to the relationships you build.

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