What Is SSL and Why Do You Need It

What Is SSL

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is the name for encrypting or encrypting data from readable text to encrypted text that is readable only by those who have the key to decode that data and allows secure communication over computer networks.

Why Do You Need SSL

Since 2014, Google and other search engines have begun to emphasize the importance of security on the web, and this has been shown by the lower ranking of sites that do not use HTTPS on their search engine. Also, Chrome since version 56 shows additional warnings for sites that collect passwords and credit card information if they don’t have built-in security protocols. The same is true of newer versions of Firefox.

But what exactly does this mean for the user himself, and what for the website owners? It’s quite simple for the user - web stores and other sites where confidential information is exchanged will be marked insecure if they do not have an SSL certificate that enables HTTPS encryption. On the other hand, website owners should allow users to stay at their location as safely as possible, especially when this information needs to be shared.

Now the question can be asked, what if my site has none of that? Then what do I need SSL and HTTPS for? The answer is again very simple. You’re online and there’s no point in not wanting to be ranked as high as possible in search engines where you’re also competing with competitors who are probably already using SSL certification today in 2021.

I hope I have encouraged you to think about SSL certification not only for a better ranking on search engines but to leave a better impression on all current and future visits to your website.

If you need help installing an SSL certificate, feel free to contact me.

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