AWS Honeycode - Create Web and Mobile Applications Without Writing Code

AWS Honeycode uses a familiar spreadsheet model and lets you get started in minutes. If you’re already familiar with spreadsheets and formulas, you’ll be glad to hear that you can use almost anything you know about sheets, tables, values, and formulas in the AWS Honeycode platform.

Amazon Honeycode includes templates for some common programs that you and other members of your team can use right away.

You can also take advantage of a repertoire of built-in trigger-triggered actions that can generate email notifications and modify spreadsheets.

Honeycode also includes a long list of built-in functions. The list includes many features that will be familiar to users of existing spreadsheets, along with those that are new to Honeycode. For example, FindRow is a more powerful version of the popular Vlookup feature.

Find out more about honeycode.aws.

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