Amazon Lightsail Now Offers Easier Integration of CDN Distribution To Speed up Content Delivery

Amazon Lightsail 23.7 offers the ability to create and manage content distribution network (CDN) distributions, allowing you to quickly and easily speed up the delivery of your site’s content to a global audience. This home service, called Lightsail CDN, is supported by Amazon CloudFront, the Amazon Web Services CDN platform that uses a global network of servers in more than 200 locations in 42 countries to store and deliver your content worldwide. Lightsail CDN distributions can be created and configured with just a few clicks for a low, predictable monthly price and you can get started for free.

With the Lightsail CDN, you can not only speed up the delivery of your content hosted on Lightsail to users around the world but also easily enable TLS for your custom domains and improve the scalability and availability of your website, all within Lightsail’s friendly and intuitive console. Lightsail CDN offers a set of predefined configurations so you can easily optimize distribution for a variety of programs, including WordPress and static websites. Lightsail distributions offer three data plans with a fixed price, including an introductory plan that is free for 12 months, allowing you to predict costs and choose the right plan based on your needs.

The Lightsail CDN can be used with Lightsail servers and load balancers in any AWS region supported by Lightsail. See the documentation to learn how to create your first Lightsail CDN distribution and serve your content globally.