Google Introduces New Features for Small Businesses on Maps and Search

Your business profile today must contain a range of information that needs to be accurate and readily available. Google makes this possible through the ability to exchange messages and insights on Google Maps and search.

This new feature is another part of Google’s effort to simplify the way companies update their data. In May of this year, Google made it possible to update your business profile directly from Maps and Search. This time, you can access more Google products and features to interact with your customers, as well as update your business information. And you can do it all directly from the same place.

Google Maps Updates and Searches for Local Businesses

If you are a verified company, you can now send messages to your customers directly from Google Maps. All you have to do is turn on messaging from your business profile. Once you turn it on, you can start responding to customers on Google Maps from the business messaging section of the “Updates” tab. What’s more, you’ll soon be able to see your messages directly from Google search and send messages to customers directly from your computer.

Customers can also start a conversation from any post you create. Also, if they try to call you and you don’t answer, I can send you a message. For companies using a messaging partner, you can sign up to access the Business Messaging API and search for further information in the Google Developer’s Guide.

As you interact with customers in this way, you will undoubtedly generate more data. You can use the updated performance insights, launched this summer, on Search and Maps to get a detailed report on the interactions you have with your customer. Some of the data it provides includes analysis of calls and messages initiated by customers on Google and the total number of interactions over some time.

You can view metrics monthly.

Informing Customers

Even before the pandemic, customers wanted to get more information about the companies they do business with. But now there is a greater need for current and accurate information. Messaging is one way you can keep them informed of the latest developments in your business.

Using this new opportunity will put your business ahead of the competition.

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