Introduction to Matomo Analytics

Take back control with Matomo – a powerful web analytics platform that gives you 100% data ownership.

Why you will love Matomo

  • Minimise risk with a secure, transparent platform that’s been thoroughly tested by hundreds of contributors.
  • No data sampling means you can make impactful decisions based on 100% accurate reporting.
  • Create the tool of your dreams. Matomo can be customised and extended to meet your every need.
  • No need to sacrifice your historical Google Analytics data as you can import your GA data directly into your Matomo.
  • Get an unlimited number of websites, users and segments. There’s also no limitation on how much data you store.
  • Easily navigate through a user-friendly interface to get the data you need, faster.
  • The comprehensive range of features gives you actionable insights and a complete picture of your customers.
  • Securely track personal data in accordance with privacy laws. This option is unavailable with GA.

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