10 Reasons To Choose Drupal 8 for Your Website

There is a variety of CMS available in the market for website development. Do you think about which CMS to choose to build a website? I can say depending upon your project requirement; you can choose CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or others. WordPress CMS is a great choice for beginners, Joomla is more business-friendly CMS but it’s not easy for beginners while Drupal CMS is one of those CMS systems that is the most developer-friendly and has all the smart back-end stuff baked in for large and flexible content handling.

Let us first understand Drupal and the top reasons to choose Drupal for your next project development.

What Is Drupal CMS?

Drupal is a content management framework open-source platform written in PHP, Symfony framework. Drupal is also one of the leading CMS for the back-end framework across the globe. In this digital era, many organizations, like corporate and government sites, eCommerce websites, blogs, are built with the Drupal CMS.

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Drupal as CMS

1. Drupal is the most secure CMS

If you compare Drupal with other CMS like WordPress and Joomla, Drupal is less hacked proportionality. With the proven statistics, Drupal provides enterprise-level protection, so government authorities like the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand put their trust in Drupal.

2. Performance & Scalability

Drupal’s built-in features enable scalability for rich content and top user experience. While on other systems you need to install plugins Drupal has almost everything you need in its core optimized and easily maintained. That’s why Magento and ZOHO use Drupal CMS for their corporate websites.

3. Encrypted Database

Data protection is essential for any website. For secure information in Drupal, encryption is conveyed with modules at the application level, as opposed to at the database level. Drupal’s secure encryption supports encrypting data. Drupal effectively permits to encrypt database of your website, oversee design to pass encryption laws and security models like DSS, PCI & HIPPA.

4. Multilingual

According to Research by CSA, people prefer their native language rather than English. If you are any business entity and want to opt-out of more than one language on the website, no worries because Drupal comes with 100+ available languages. For higher conversion in your business, you need to reach out local audience in this scenario; Drupal 8 allows you to cater to different audiences.

5. Community

Drupal is open-source and has a large community with different community groups like forums, events, associations, and chat support. If you have any questions, simply drop them; and you will get your answer.

6. Content as service

Every website’s content ranges from blogs, videos, emails, case studies, and more. Drupal’s CAAS (content as a service) feature enables digitally experienced users as services can be overseen from one location and utilize in other places. Drupal was a pioneer in this regard.

7. SEO friendly

Every enterprise business needs easy to use, robust, and SEO-friendly website. Drupal has a built-in feature that enables you to create a URL of your choice so that you can include targeted keywords. When you generate a node on Drupal, every Node title appears in the heading tag and title tag, which helps you to rank your website faster. SEO is on the next level on Drupal and can be easily automated per your liking.

8. Content Flow

Drupal CMS is the platform that provides multichannel solutions across the globe. Your development group can survey, alter, and endorse content from any device whenever you want to change it. Using WYSIWYG editor, one can create content quickly and effectively.

9. Innovative Personalization

Drupal’s customized language option, as well as personalized content, allows a unique combination of web development. You can design it according to your business needs, and the end-user can undergo a customized experience.

10. Flexible and Easy to maintain

When it comes to reliable and flexible CMS, Drupal is a top choice for web content creation. Drupal is robust, open-source, and follows an agile methodology, which makes it different from other content management systems.

To Conclude

At the enterprise level, you will be needed advanced CMS, which can help your business grow. Drupal comes with the best solution to build any customized website if you compare it with any other CMS. If you plan to launch a new application, hire a Drupal developer who can provide you all solutions regarding your business needs. The market for Drupal is also growing as it allows for high security and customization. So opting for Drupal will be the best choice to build beautiful enterprise-level applications.

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