Shopware Release – December 2021

When do dreams come true if not at Christmas? Fittingly, December release includes many features which the Shopware community wanted. For example, Shopware contains an import-export feature for advanced prices, improved presentation of versions that are not available, and a new theme for the PE and EE editions.

General Updates

The import/export feature now also supports advanced prices

Based on rules, you can set advanced prices which differ from the usual prices. This is new: in the import/export module, you will now find a profile for advanced prices. You can use it to import or also export advanced prices. With 52 votes from the community, it was a very sought-after feature.

Improved user experience for variant products that are not available

A good user experience is crucial in an online shop. And any improvement in this area also ensures more pleasurable shopping experiences and more satisfied customers. The new release is an improvement in precisely this area, and indeed with regard to variant products that are sold out or only available for a certain sales channel. Up until now it was not always clear in either case whether or not a variant was available. The community made us aware of this and we have improved it:

Sold out variant products are now greyed out in the product listing so that your customers do not have false expectations. Nevertheless, it remains clear that the missing variant is essentially part of the product range and may soon be available again.

Variants for specific Sales Channels are useful, for example, if you want to sell a product in Germany but not in Switzerland. In that case, you can limit the variant to the Sales Channel in Germany. What is new: The variant product is shown greyed out and is also no longer selectable if a Sales Channel is selected in which the product is not sold.

New filter for dynamic product groups: relative date

A reminder: with dynamic product groups, elements can be completed in an automated way, which you can then display in different places in the online shop (for example, in the product slider of Shopping Experiences). To create dynamic product groups such as this you can apply different rules and conditions which filter the products and add them to the relevant group. You can filter by release date, price or stock level, for example. We already extended the options for dynamic product groups in the September release. Since then, it has also been possible to filter according to when an item was created in the administration by using a fixed date.

There is now another option: a relative date reference. Regarding conditions for dynamic product groups, you can now also specify “up to X days” or “for X days”. This is useful, for example, for creating a category in which the items from the last 14 days can always be seen.

Adapted shopping basket condition for the Rule Builder

As you know, you can use the Rule Builder to create a wide variety of rules that fit your individual requirements as a shop operator. There are already numerous conditions that you can use as a basis for this. In the October release, three new conditions were added. Including one that allows the volume of the shopping cart to be calculated. A classic application example would be to use this for shipping rules to calculate your shipping costs.

This is new: from now on you can set it so that a rule only takes effect if the condition applies to all products in the shopping cart. For example: Only if all products in the shopping cart meet the requirement “Delivery guaranteed until Christmas”, the “Express” shipping method will be offered in the checkout.

Editions & Service News

Here you will find news about special extensions or new functions that are not part of the Shopware Core.

New “Shape” premium theme

Following on from the Elle and Showroom themes, we now have the third premium theme. All three themes are available free of charge in the Professional Edition and above and can be found in both the Cloud and self-hosted versions in the administration under Extension > Store and subsequently installed.

What makes the Shape Theme so special?

A delicate, elegant and yet expressive design is depicted in the Shape Theme. It is particularly suitable for shops with small or more personalised product segments. These are then shown to their best advantage, as the design allows plenty of space for impressive product presentations. As well as a perfectly harmonising colour palette, the well-thought-out concept is complemented by hover accents through shadows or social media symbols in the footer. Find out more about the Shape Theme in the Store or read the latest blog post about the differences and similarities of our currently released premium themes.

Developer News

Typescript available in admin panel

We introduced Typescript in admin component in order to define a safer code base to work with. It shall also improve the developer experience for better auto-completion and debugging within the compile time. Additionally, Typescript helps providing type-safety between app actions and admin component.

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