Shopware 6 Minor Release

This month sees the release of Shopware 6.4.3. This minor release mainly comprises small upgrades and bugfixes which ensure that Shopware 6 is easier to use and more stable to operate. Moreover, additional, more straightforward configuration options help international online merchants who have been affected by Brexit.

General Updates

Brexit changes

Since the United Kingdom left the EU, online merchants have to comply with a different legislative framework to the one used when trading with customers who are within the EU. Therefore, merchants who sell their products from within the European Union to UK or vice versa need to adhere to the relevant regulations. To make this easier for you as an online merchant, Shopware team have made a few changes in the administration. The following improvements have been made:

New field in Admin > Country settings > Tax free from …

For each country, you can define the shopping basket amount (net) here at which the order is tax-free in the system’s standard currency. Orders placed in the online shop are then automatically tax-free as soon as the corresponding amount is reached in the shopping basket.

New feature Country settings > VAT ID required

Previously, this feature was found under the general settings for login and registration. So that you can specify for each country whether your customers need to provide a VAT ID, you will find this setting option under Country settings from now on.

You can read more about the country settings in the documentation. The UK government provides some information on Brexit.

Developer News

This release is primarily a housekeeping release. This means Shopware becomes better, faster and stronger under the hood! Upgrade now to profit from a ton of bug fixes. As always, you can see the concrete changes in the upgrade.md or in technical changelog.

Update to Symfony 5.3

With the release, Shopware team are changing Symfony 5.2 to Symfony 5.3. This could lead to potential breaking changes with existing plugins.

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