Node v12.22.0 (LTS) Is Out - Notable Changes

The Legacy HTTP Parser Is Runtime Deprecated

The legacy HTTP parser, selected by the --http-parser=legacy command line option, is deprecated with the pending End-of-Life of Node.js 10.x (where it is the only HTTP parser implementation provided) at the end of April 2021. It will now warn on use but otherwise continue to function and may be removed in a future Node.js 12.x release.

The default HTTP parser based on llhttp is not affected. By default it is stricter than the now deprecated legacy HTTP parser. If interoperability with HTTP implementations that send invalid HTTP headers is required, the HTTP parser can be started in a less secure mode with the --insecure-http-parser command line option.

Contributed by Beth Griggs #37603.

ES Modules

ES Modules are now considered stable.

Contributed by Guy Bedford #35781


Updated to node-api version 8 and added an experimental API to allow retrieval of the add-on file name.

Contributed by Gabriel Schulhof #37652 and #37195.

New API’s To Control Code Coverage Data Collection

v8.stopCoverage() and v8.takeCoverage() have been added.

Contributed by Joyee Cheung #33807.

New API to Monitor Event Loop Utilization by Worker Threads

worker.performance.eventLoopUtilization() has been added.

Contributed by Trevor Norris #35664.


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