Bootstrap 5.0.2 Is Available

Latest Bootstrap 5 patch release has arrived to improve JavaScript plugins, address the / deprecation in Dart Sass, fix a few CSS bugs, and make some documentation improvements.

Sass Division

One of the biggest fixes in Bootstrap v5.0.2 patches the deprecation of / for performing division in Sass. The Dart Sass team deprecated it due to the use of / characters in actual CSS (e.g., separating background values). The bad news was this shipped with deprecation notices, which in our case heavily polluted the build process for everyone. Potential solutions included:

  1. Ignore it entirely and silence the deprecation warnings
  2. Drop implicit support for LibSass and use the Dart Sass math module
  3. Figure out a custom fix to keep the widest possible Sass support

Bootstrap team chose the third option—keeping support for both LibSass and Dart Sass, even though the former is deprecated. There are many projects out there that simply haven’t or cannot update to Dart Sass (including Hugo, which we use to build our docs).

Our solution meant rolling a custom divide() function and replacing division with multiplication wherever possible. We wanted to limit the use of a custom function, so the situations where we used $value / 2 were replaced with $value * .5. This custom function has also been added to the RFS project in a new release. While the precision in our compiled CSS has been reduced by two decimal places, the output remains otherwise unchanged.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on further improvements, please don’t hesitate to open an issue.


Here are some highlights from the changelog.


  • Fixed deprecation warnings in Sass for / division. Replaced most / division with multiplication and added a custom divide() function to avoid adding Dart Sass modules (as this would negate the usage of LibSass).
  • Individual .col-* grid classes can now override .row-cols.
  • Updated line-height for floating forms to fix cut-off select menu text.
  • Added missing transition to .form-select.
  • Fixed .dropdowns-menu-* position in RTL.
  • Decoupled --bs-table-bg and --bs-table-accent-bg to separate table accent highlights.
  • Improved support for complex expressions in add() and subtract() functions.
  • Fixed horizontal padding for select elements in Firefox.
  • Updated border color for popover header to match the outer border.
  • Fixed offcanvas header alignment for RTL.


  • Popovers now remove titles or content when they’re empty instead of returning empty HTML elements.
  • Dropdown items are now automatically selected when using arrow keys.
  • We now register only one DOMContentLoaded event listener in onDOMContentLoaded utility function.
  • Fixed arrow keys breaking animation when the carousel sliding.
  • Fixed handling of transitioned events dispatched by nested elements (e.g., modals didn’t transition when clicking buttons).
  • Fixed backdrop errors with stale body cause by unnecessary default and removeChild.
  • Fixed issue where the show.bs.modal event with the .fade class prevented modals from being displayed again.
  • Fixed isVisible false positives.
  • Added getOrCreateInstance method in our base component that is applied to all components.


  • Documented how to make utilities responsive using the API. Also added !important to the sample output CSS and mentioned the $enable-important-utilities global setting.
  • Added a mention of the breakpoint mixins changes from v4 to the migration guide.
  • Added a new example of positioned badges to the docs.
  • Clarified variable overrides in the Customizing > Sass page.
  • Replaced Freenode with Libera IRC server.

Head to GitHub for a complete list of issues and pull requests in v5.0.2. You can also review the v5.0.2 project board.

Get the Release

Head to https://getbootstrap.com for the latest. It’s also been pushed to npm:

npm i bootstrap

Review the v5.0.2 release changelog for a complete list of changes.

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