Google AppSheet No-Code Apps

For the longest time, the average person could only ever dream of developing their app.

You had to learn programming, cross-platform app development, backend computing, and UI design. Not only was it complicated, but it was also expensive and time-consuming. Only those with enough time and financial stability could stand a chance.

Now, those days are gone. Today, you can create your app without having to write even a single line of code.

So think about your daily workflow — see whether you can organize or automate anything by creating an app for it. If anything comes to mind, the Google AppSheet will help you transform your vision into reality. It’s easier than ever.

Building solutions with AppSheet is often easier and faster than traditional coding, as AppSheet leverages Google’s machine learning expertise to help you quickly go from idea to solution, helping your business to match the pace and agility that today’s landscape requires. In this article, we’ll explore how you can use AppSheet to create custom solutions that will help your business adapt to shifting business needs. To illustrate, we’ll focus on a use case many businesses face reservation and management of meeting rooms and other office resources, but this process can easily be adapted for a wide variety of use cases, from apps for retail pickup to incident reporting and more.

Streamline With Automations

AppSheet Automation, which was recently made generally available, makes it possible to reduce repetitive tasks and streamline processes even further.

Optimize for Multiple Roles

Creating an app for one user is one thing–creating an app that fits the needs of multiple types of users is another. AppSheet has you covered for this kind of complexity because it lets you build multiple roles into a single app.

AppSheet also supports advanced features such as QR codes, NFC, and Bluetooth sensor integration. This could help users check into locations or workspaces, further streamlining the task of helping people safely navigate and collaborate within the office.

Mission Critical Solutions, Faster Than Ever

In the past, the type of app explored in this article would have required a central data store, distribution to specific groups of users, management and dashboard capabilities, as well as smartphone sensor integration for NFC and image capturing. This would have necessitated a mammoth implementation project and a team of professional coders.

But with no-code, you can effectively design and implement these requirements in hours and days rather than months and years. Changes can be made on the fly in any browser, including pushing out new versions to users. Though AppSheet opens up app building and digital automation to any knowledge worker, it also includes robust security and governance controls, ensuring that as you manage to get employees back into the office, you don’t neglect IT security.

AppSheet is the pioneer of building apps from spreadsheets and is currently the most trusted platform for building, publishing and managing no-code apps. Since the company is owned by Google, you can use it seamlessly with the rest of the Google Workspace apps.

Using AppSheet, you can build entire apps without ever having to write a single line of code. It is an incredibly robust platform that gives you control over the entire application lifecycle — from app building, testing, deployment, management, and more. The platform has helped over 3 million no-code apps come to life.

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