Hello, my name is Goran Štimac I live in Osijek and I enjoy working with web technologies, computers and technology in general. I have a decade of experience working with various web technologies behind me. I mostly configure and maintain systems, platforms and infrastructure. In addition to the above, I deal with marketing, design, education, video production ...

A few words about me, who am I? I grew up in a happy family. I have a younger brother and an even younger sister. I am happily in love. In my twenties I traveled a lot. I am an antisocial and somewhat socially maladapted person. I studied civil engineering and electrical engineering. I am musically educated. Music is extremely important to me in my daily life. I generally like anything that has to do with math, I’m attracted to complexity. From sports I love cycling and hiking. I spend my days mostly researching and learning. I am never bored, I always have something to do. Helping others fulfills me the most.

I am currently working on the GoranStimac.com educational project, YouTube channel, business digitization and technical support for clients.

Areas I Can Help You With