Greetings, I'm Goran Štimac, a seasoned software and system integrator based in Osijek. With over a decade of diverse experience, I specialize in programming and have worked extensively with various cutting-edge technologies.

Allow me to share a bit about the person behind the professional facade. Education has played a pivotal role in my life, both in software and music. As a musically trained individual, music brings joy and serenity to my daily routine. My affinity for mathematics drives me towards complex problems and solutions. Outside of work, cycling and hiking are my go-to rejuvenation activities. Every day, I'm invested in research and continuous learning. There's never a dull moment for me, and assisting others gives me immense satisfaction.

Currently, I'm spearheading the development of an Angular application for enterprise client. I'm also dedicatedly working on my personal brand through GoranStimac.com, my YouTube channel, and providing selective business digitization and technical support services to clients.

Until I record something personal, please enjoy Tommy Emmanuel's virtuosity.

Areas I Can Help You With