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Audio | 4 min

Browser Tracking Protections Won’t Stop Tracking, Warns DuckDuckGo

Eliminating third-party cookies will not stop companies from tracking web users, says DuckDuckGo, which claims it can help with its desktop browser extensions and mobile apps. In a blog post on Tuesday, the privacy-focused search biz...

Post | 1 min

Google Is Introducing a Feature in Chrome 90 To Create Links To Highlighted Text on a Webpage

An upcoming feature in Chrome 90 will allow users to create a link to a section of a website that they’ve highlighted. First launched as a browser extension called Link to Text Fragment last year, Google has now added the feature within...

Post | 7 min

What Consumers Want To See on Company Websites

For many businesses, a website is undeniably critical for reaching new audiences — and is often the first impression someone will have of your brand. But having a website alone isn’t enough to reach and convert new customers....

Post | 2 min

Git Ignore for WordPress Projects

My preferred .gitignore file appears below and it ignores everything by default. This allows me to whitelist only those plugins and themes I wish to include in my repo. While I use this .gitignore for WordPress projects, for stand-alone...

Post | 1 min

The Louvre’s Collections Are Now Accessible Online

Covid-19 has brought us a Louvre Collections online. You simply must see these collections if you want to grow as a human being so check them out from the comfort of your home and I promise you will want to go and see them in person. The...

Post | 5 min

4 Strategies To Mitigate Pass-the-Cookie Attacks

At the beginning of 2021 CISA (the USA Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) stated that there is an increase of attacks targeting cloud environment configurations occurring as a result of the increase in remote working. The...

Post | 1 min

WordPress Stories Are New Way To Engage Your Audience

Since the early days of Snapchat, which made the format so popular, Stories have become a powerful way to engage audiences on social media. Today, over 500 million Instagram accounts use Stories every day. Now, you can publish Stories on...

Post | 4 min

9 Reasons Why You Need an Internet Headquarters

Owning a business website is not just about selling your products and services - but also about providing something of value to potential customers. Creating a business website or online store is simple, it doesn’t have to be...

Post | 1 min

20/80 Pareto Rule in Business

The imbalance between effort and results is constant. Using available internet technologies, it is easy to achieve a long-term and quality business result. Make your life easier, automate and digitize your business with a quality internet...

Post | 3 min

Why Deciding on a Niche Make Selling Easier

It never gets old. When I start working with a new client and ask them to decide on their niche, the look of their faces and the sound of their voices always look a bit like each other. You see, when people try to sell what they do and...

Post | 5 min

How To Develop a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2021

2021 . it promises a return to the semblance of normalcy, and that is one of the reasons for the excitement of the new year. As 2020 ends, many entrepreneurs are left to count their losses and build strategies for 2021. 2020 . The year has...

Post | 4 min

The Future Is Personalized: From B2B to B2Me

Old ways of doing business towards businesses (B2B) are dying out at an accelerated pace due to a pandemic that has changed the way we do business. In this remote world, corporate clients are no longer willing to wait weeks or months for a...

Post | 3 min

3 Strategies for the Growth of Online Business in 2021

In the increasingly competitive world of web stores, one thing is for sure, the ceiling has not yet been reached and there is a big increase in online sales, which has grown even more with the pandemic that caught us all and changed the way...

Post | 3 min

How Can You Increase Leads in Three Easy Steps Right Away

Every day I witness how companies (or marketing agencies they work with) overcomplicate their process of generating leads with unnecessary jargon or some fancy formula. It doesn’t have to be that hard. After years in the industry, I know...

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