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Post | 1 min

Gatsby JS Debugging - Limit of File Watchers Reached on Ubuntu/Debian Linux System

This problem is caused by the way Gatsby.js works, generates static files, and optimizes photos, which easily exceeds the defined Listen limit for the number of files that the Linux OS monitors per directory. Namely, the Linux OS uses...

Post | 0 min

How To Add Google Fonts to Ubuntu/Debian Linux System

Download Google Fonts from: github.com Create a .fonts directory in home using the terminal and the command: mkdir ~/.fonts Unzip the contents of the downloaded file (approx. 350MB) into the newly created .fonts directory with the command:...

Post | 0 min

How To Add Swap Space on Ubuntu/Debian Linux Server

SWAP is virtual memory outside of installed physical memory (RAM). Check the system to see if SWAP information already exists: free -h sudo swapon --show Check free space on the partition: df -h Create a SWAP file: sudo fallocate -l 1G...

Post | 1 min

How To Change Symbolic Link Permissions on Linux

Can I set symbolic link permissions under Linux / UNIX? How can I change symbolic link permissions? No, you can not. If you try to execute the chmod command on a symbolic link, it will return with an error. Changing ‘filename’...

Post | 5 min

How To Create a MySql User and Assign Permissions in AWS RDS on Ubuntu Linux

How can I create a new MySQL user and assign permissions in the AWS RDS cloud service from the Linux command line? MySQL is a free open-source database. Many sites on the Internet use MySQL along with Python, Perl, PHP, and other...

Post | 1 min

How To Enable mod_rewrite in Apache Server on Ubuntu/Debian Linux Server

What Is mod_rewrite What Is Mod_rewrite The mod_rewrite module uses a rule-based overwriting mechanism and a regular PCRE parser to rearrange the requested URLs upon request. By default, mod_rewrite maps the URL to the file system path....

Post | 1 min

How To Enter a New Password for WordPress Using Mysql CLI on Linux

See the name of the database used by WP. You can find the database name in the wp-config.php file or you can use the command grep DB_NAME wp-config.php We are interested in this line define( 'DB_NAME', 'wpdatabase' ); Once...

Post | 6 min

How To Install Odoo 14 System and Set It to Work via Nginx Proxy?

Set up an Ubuntu/Debian Linux server and connect to it via an SSH root user or run the command sudo su which will switch you to the root user so that they can execute command apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y Odoo uses PostgreSQL so...

Post | 1 min

How To Install PhpMyAdmin on Ubuntu/Debian Linux Server

What Is PhpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP, designed to manage MySQL over the Internet. phpMyAdmin supports a wide range of operations on MySQL and MariaDB databases. Frequently used operations (managing databases,...

Post | 1 min

Linux Commands for Backing up and Restoring MySQL Databases in the Terminal

If you are running your own Linux-driven VPS, you are probably using MySQL for your databases. This article is a small reminder of the various commands for managing MySQL databases using mysqldump, mysql, and mysqlimport commands in Linux....

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