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Post | 2 min

Apache performance tuning: configuring MPM directives

In previous articles I was focused on defining and fitting MPM to match your environment. Building from our last tutorial we will be discussing specific details on how to adjust the previously mentioned Apache configuration directives on...

Post | 3 min

Apache performance tuning: MPM modules

The keystone for understanding Apache server performance is by far the Multiprocessing Modules (MPMs). These modules determine the basis for how Apache addresses multiprocessing. Multiprocessing means running multiple operations...

Post | 4 min

Apache performance tuning: swap memory

Before we get into the details of Apache tuning, we need to understand what happens when a VPS server or Dedicated server goes unresponsive due to a poorly optimized configuration. An over-tuned server is configured to allow more...

Post | 15 min

Apache performance tuning: MPM directives

How directives behave and which directives are mainly available hinges on the loaded MPM. MPM is short for MultiProcess Modules, and they determine the basis for how Apache addresses multiprocessing. We will cover the following subsections:...

Post | 7 min

VPS vs Shared Hosting – Which one is Better for You?

There are two instances when you should be critically thinking about the platform; your website will be running on — when you’re just starting, and when the existing platform isn’t serving your needs. If you’re wondering about which of the...

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