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Post | 2 min

Git Ignore for WordPress Projects

My preferred .gitignore file appears below and it ignores everything by default. This allows me to whitelist only those plugins and themes I wish to include in my repo. While I use this .gitignore for WordPress projects, for stand-alone...

Post | 0 min

How To Add Google Fonts to Ubuntu/Debian Linux System

Download Google Fonts from: github.com Create a .fonts directory in home using the terminal and the command: mkdir ~/.fonts Unzip the contents of the downloaded file (approx. 350MB) into the newly created .fonts directory with the command:...

Post | 0 min

How to Configure Git To Remember Username and Password in a Repository

So that you don’t have to constantly enter your username and password while working with the git repository, you can save this information as follows: git config credential.helper store git config user.name "Goran Štimac" git...

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