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Post | 1 min

Amazon Honeycode - Create Web and Mobile Applications Without Writing Code

Amazon Honeycode uses a familiar spreadsheet model and lets you get started in minutes. If you’re already familiar with spreadsheets and formulas, you’ll be glad to hear that you can use almost anything you know about sheets, tables,...

Post | 1 min

Amazon Lightsail Now Offers Easier Integration of Cdn Distribution To Speed up Content Delivery

Amazon Lightsail 23.7 offers the ability to create and manage content distribution network (CDN) distributions, allowing you to quickly and easily speed up the delivery of your site’s content to a global audience. This home service, called...

Post | 5 min

How To Create a MySql User and Assign Permissions in AWS RDS on Ubuntu Linux

How can I create a new MySQL user and assign permissions in the AWS RDS cloud service from the Linux command line? MySQL is a free open-source database. Many sites on the Internet use MySQL along with Python, Perl, PHP, and other...

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