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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has changed significantly in the last ten years, becoming more complex and demanding. Customers have fundamentally changed their shopping habits, the way they get information, how they make purchasing decisions, and often how they make the purchase itself. It takes a lot more effort for companies to reach their target audience through proper segmentation.

Following the development of new trends are an extremely demanding job and one of the key factors of a successful online campaign. Internet advertising has several advantages over conventional forms. The key advantage is its far lower price, and then comes the possibility of precise targeting of the desired groups and easily measurable return on investment. Daily, the advertiser can monitor all relevant statistics about visitors to its website and customers of a particular product or service. It is known at all times whether an individual investment pays off and it is possible to terminate campaigns that do not achieve a satisfactory return in time.

An internet campaign can be launched in just a few hours, and the results are visible almost instantly. The share of internet advertising in the world is growing rapidly.







The technologies I use
for digital marketing.

Facebook logo


Social network.

Instagram logo


Social network.

YouTube logo


Video platform for video sharing.

Google Ads logo

Google Ads

Google Platform Advertising Service.

Google Business logo

Google Business

Manage your business information on the Google platform.

Twitter logo


Social network for micro-blogging.

LinkedIn logo


Business social network for professionals.

MailChimp logo


Email marketing automation platform.

OneSignal logo


Platform for marketing automation via email, mobile and web push notifications and SMS.

Zoho logo


Commercial business application platform.

Hootsuite logo


Marketing automation platform.

Hubspot logo


Marketing automation platform.


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