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Audio | 8 min

Drupal 7 vs. Drupal 8 vs. Drupal 9 10+ Core Differences You Should Know

Drupal 7 is generally not quite the same as Drupal 8 and Drupal 9. Many structural changes that progress from a Drupal 7 website to a Drupal 8 are more like a relocation project from an unexpected CMS than a product redesign. For instance,...

Audio | 3 min

Google Chrome Is Getting a New Progressive Web App Feature

For those unaware, Progressive Web App, or PWA, is the latest web technology that allows anyone to use websites as native mobile or desktop apps. In the latest effort to improve the web apps experience, Google is working on a new API that...

Audio | 4 min

Browser Tracking Protections Won’t Stop Tracking, Warns DuckDuckGo

Eliminating third-party cookies will not stop companies from tracking web users, says DuckDuckGo, which claims it can help with its desktop browser extensions and mobile apps. In a blog post on Tuesday, the privacy-focused search biz...

Audio | 2 min

PayPal Will Let Us Users Pay With Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

We already knew that PayPal was planning to support cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, and now, the online payment app announced US customers can do just that with its “Checkout with Crypto” feature, which is rolling out...

Audio | 3 min

Mailchimp Moves Into E-Commerce

For the last few years, Mailchimp morphed from a basic newsletter platform to a fully-fledged marketing company. And while the service already offered integrations with many e-commerce sites, it is now launching its own online stores for...

Audio | 1 min

Spotify Is Getting Into Live Audio

Spotify announced that it will acquire Betty Labs, the company behind the Locker Room, which focuses on live audio. Spotify is best known for its music streaming business but has expanded into new audio formats while hunting for both a...

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