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Post | 8 min

21 useful keyboard shortcuts for writers

You forget about countless hours of self-editing and imagine a pleasant life of writing in which real words effortlessly flow from your fingertips as you sit in an ideal environment and sip your favorite beverage. For all the following tips, the plus (+) symbol indicates that you press one key first...

Post | 1 min

20/80 Pareto rule in business

The imbalance between effort and results is constant. Using available internet technologies, it is easy to achieve a long-term and quality business result. Make your life easier, automate and digitize your business with a quality internet solution. Follow Pareto’s rule and put minimal effort...

Post | 2 min

What format and how many large photos to upload to the CMS system?

Images, as well as text, should be adapted to the place of publication using tools designed to process images such as popular GIMP cross-platform image editor Canva graphic design platform The images you publish on the website using the CMS system should be optimized to be in JPG format. The JPG...

Post | 6 min

Static or dynamic website: what's the difference?

We distinguish two types of websites: static and dynamic. Static web pages are those that are fixed and display the same content for each user, usually written exclusively in HTML. In the beginning, all websites were static, but as user needs grew, there was a need for a more advanced form of the...

Post | 1 min

What is SSL and why do you need it?

What is SSL? Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is the name for encrypting or encrypting data from readable text to encrypted text that is readable only by those who have the key to decode that data and allows secure communication over computer networks. Why do you need SSL? Since 2014, Google and other...

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