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Post | 2 min

Bootstrap 5 Beta 3 is here

Maintained projects that rely on Bootstrap will be eventually updated to Bootstrap 5. The final beta for Bootstrap 5 has come with some amazing new changes (including a new component!), documentation updates, and more. It brings fixes for...

Post | 1 min

WordPress Stories are new way to engage your audience

Since the early days of Snapchat, which made the format so popular, Stories have become a powerful way to engage audiences on social media. Today, over 500 million Instagram accounts use Stories every day. Now, you can publish Stories on...

Post | 1 min

What's new with Bootstrap Icons v1.4.1

Maintained projects that rely on Bootstrap Icons will be updated per schedule. Latest Bootstrap Icons update has arrived to fix a few bugs and improve build tooling. Key changes Here are the highlights from this release: Updated:...

Post | 2 min

Node v12.22.0 (LTS) is out - notable changes

Maintained projects that rely on Node.js will be updated per schedule. The legacy HTTP parser is runtime deprecated The legacy HTTP parser, selected by the --http-parser=legacy command line option, is deprecated with the pending End-of-Life...

Post | 4 min

Symfony 4.4.21 and 5.2.6 released

Maintained projects that rely on Symfony will be updated per schedule. What is Symfony? Symfony is a PHP web application framework and a set of reusable PHP components/libraries. It was published as free software on October 18, 2005 and...

Post | 1 min

Smart PNG and JPEG compression online for free

TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your PNG files. By selectively decreasing the number of colors in the image, fewer bytes are required to store the data. The effect is nearly invisible but it makes...

Post | 1 min

Do you want to edit PDF files for free fast and easily?

Sejda is a PDF editor that comes in free and paid-for versions, as well as online and desktop editions from Amsterdam. There is little difference between the online and offline versions, save for the fact that all of the processing is...

Post | 2 min

Easy and free clean URL slug generator

Smart, fast and easy to use online tool built to generate search engine friendly and user friendly URL slugs. Wisit official page slugify.online What is a URL slug? A URL slug is a part that comes at the very end of a URL and is the exact...

Post | 8 min

21 useful keyboard shortcuts for writers

You forget about countless hours of self-editing and imagine a pleasant life of writing in which real words effortlessly flow from your fingertips as you sit in an ideal environment and sip your favorite beverage. For all the following...

Post | 0 min

A new version of Bootstrap Icons v1.4.0 is available

Bootstrap Icons v1.4.0 adds over 60 new icons as part of a completely new time category. Also included are some long-sought vertical alignment improvements and a handful of tag and category updates. Alignment changes New in this release is...

Post | 3 min

4 ways to use social media to improve online sales

Marriage between e-commerce, eCommerce solutions, and social media is a strategy that allows consumers to discover brands, products, and services through the content you post on social media. Here are four tools and strategies you can put...

Post | 4 min

9 reasons why you need an internet headquarters

Owning a business website is not just about selling your products and services - but also about providing something of value to potential customers. Creating a business website or online store is simple, it doesn’t have to be...

Post | 1 min

20/80 Pareto rule in business

The imbalance between effort and results is constant. Using available internet technologies, it is easy to achieve a long-term and quality business result. Make your life easier, automate and digitize your business with a quality internet...

Post | 3 min

Why deciding on a niche make selling easier?

It never gets old. When I start working with a new client and ask them to decide on their niche, the look of their faces and the sound of their voices always look a bit like each other. You see, when people try to sell what they do and...

Post | 4 min

Does your content on social media attract potential customers?

You may think that your followers want one type of content when they want another. Social networks are one of the best platforms for content marketing. However, if social media content does not attract potential customers, what is the use?...

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