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Bootstrap 5.0.1 is available

Maintained projects that rely on Bootstrap 5 will be updated per schedule.

First patch release for Bootstrap 5 has landed with v5.0.1! It fixed a handful of bugs in CSS and JS while also resolving a few issues with docs and examples.


  • Fixed an issue where dropdowns wouldn’t close after clicking into an <input>
  • Validated inputs in .input-groups no longer render behind sibling elements
  • Prevent accent-bg from leaking in nested tables
  • Modal backdrops no longer throw Uncaught TypeError when initialized through JS
  • Refactored disposing properties into the base component
  • Extracted static DATA_KEY and EVENT_KEY to the base component
  • Merged transitionend listener callbacks into one method
  • Popovers and tooltips have a streamlined config property
  • Toasts no longer automatically hide on focus or hover
  • No longer redefining $list-group-color in the list group loop

Docs and examples also received a few updates:

  • Fixed Sidebars example not rendering correctly in Chrome
  • Fixed RTLCSS stringMap configuration snippet
  • Updated offcanvas navbar example to prevent console error
  • Fixed miscellaneous typos, grammatical errors, and links in the Migration guide

Head to GitHub for a complete list of issues and pull requests in v5.0.1. You can also review the v5.0.1 project board.

Get the release

Head to https://getbootstrap.com for the latest. It’s also been pushed to npm:

npm i bootstrap
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