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Let's measure, collect, analyze website data, applications to understand and better optimize the user experience. Without information about where we are and what we are doing well and what we are doing badly, we cannot progress and stay ahead of the competition.

Every business relies on numbers and so does your Internet business. Whether you have a regular website, blog, store or app you want to know who and how uses your site. You want to know what your visitors are interested in the most, what is relevant in your niche, what competitors are doing, and what they are better at than you. Learn how you can catch up and overtake them.

Without analytics, you can't do marketing either, because you won't know and be able to measure its success. So let’s start measuring and collecting data today so you can do better business tomorrow.

The Technologies I Use
To Collect Data on the Use of Your Web Application

Facebook Pixel logo

Facebook Pixel

Collect user data using Facebook.

Google Analytics logo

Google Analytics

Let's collect traffic statistics.

Google Tag Manager logo

Google Tag Manager

Organize all website tags from one place.

HotJar logo


Capture how users actually use your site, store, and app.

Matomo logo


Collect traffic statistics through your own open source solution, an alternative to Google Analytics.

Amplitude logo


Understand user behavior better, improve the user experience, and retain more customers.

SEMrush logo


SEO, content marketing, competition research, PPC and social media marketing with just one platform.


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Full Stack

You need someone who knows the full web stack and can help you with all web-related stuff throughout.

Premium Support

You need professional long term support. I am here for your business as long as you need me.

Small Budget

Professional solution for any budget. Build a foundation for continuous growth over time.

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